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Coromandel Sustainable Tourism group

We live and operate our business in a stunningly scenic part of New Zealand; where the air is fresh and clean, and rainforests full of huge tree ferns tumble down the mountains to white sandy beaches and where bright shiny stars in our clear skies above look like they’ve been polished.  We'd like it to stay this way for all to enjoy and that's one of the reasons why we are committed to sustainable and responsible tourism.

                             Environmental Statement

“At Coastal Campers we are very aware of our businesses impact on the surrounding community and environment, and this is why we endeavour to be constantly improving on techniques and practices relating to the sustainable development of our business. We are always looking to further minimise any negative impact that such a business may have on its natural and social settings”.

Here are just a few of the steps we have taken to become a more sustainable business:

  • We only purchase eco accredited products to be used in the home and business (soaps, detergents, shampoos, sprays etc);

  • We have a well established relationship with local tree planting organisation: Kauri 2000 as we wish to offset our businesses carbon footprint;

  • We are members of the Coromandel Sustainable Tourism Group, a network of local businesses focused on enhancing the positive impacts their business may have on the environment and community;

  • Almost all rubbish resulting from the business and home is recycled, with minimal amounts going to landfill;

  • All oil, tyres and batteries from the vehicles is recycled or disposed of correctly;

  • We support local merchants and produce and always attempt to purchase the most environmentally sound and ethically sourced products available;

  • All paper marketing for the business is done using recycled paper/card and vegetable inks;

  • All of our Motorhomes except for our $ Saver Campervans are certified self contained by NZMCA in accordance with NZ standards (NZS:5465:2001)


    On the Road information

Our company’s commitment to sustainability can be improved with the help of those who travel with us.  On board in all of our vehicles you’ll find included in our

‘On the Road’ folder, ways that you as a traveller in New Zealand can minimise your footprint. 

These packs provide information on:

  • The environment,
  • Cultural awareness and respect,
  • Energy & fuel efficiency,
  • Waste disposal and recycling,
  • Conservation projects we support
  • and Eco wise travel guides.

We appreciate your participation and thank you for playing your part.


        It really is easy

There are many ways that you can reduce your environmental impact when holidaying, through the destinations you choose and your actions when you get there. 

Just apply the same sensible energy, water and waste management practices that you would at home.  We are sure that in our basic list of easy everyday practices there will be things that you and your family automatically do as well to help the environment.

Our Home & Office:

  • we use energy efficient lighting
  • we have energy saving practices in place and we monitor usage
  • we switch off appliances when not in use
  • our washing machine recycles its water
  • laundry is air dried outside
  • we use gas to heat our water when it is needed
  • an efficient heat pump is used for heating in winter
  • we have dual flush toilets & use Earthcare toilet paper
  • we use environmentally friendly and biodegradable products
  • we use roadside recycling facilities
  • we grow our own vegetables and organic waste is composted
  • any items no longer needed are sent to our local resource centre for

           re-use in the community

  • our printer cartridges are recycled and we use 100% recycled paper
  • our newsletters are emailed to subscribers
  • we have a website page dedicated to sustainability and how travellers can support conservation projects like Kauri 2000
  • most of our marketing occurs via the internet which reduces print waste
  • our rack cards and the ink used on them are environmentally friendly

Our Motorhomes:

At the depot;

  • dehumidifiers are used between rentals to ensure vehicles are dry.  This makes them easy to heat in winter and thermal backed curtains are used to retain warmth
  • vehicles are washed with biodegradable soap and a bucket and brush to reduce water wastage
  • the vehicles are serviced and maintained regularly and tuned correctly to minimise environmentally harmful emissions
  • tyre pressures are checked
  • eco store products are used for cleaning and laundering

 When Travelling;

  • we provide safe and efficient driving tips and encourage travellers to travel light to reduce the load and burn less fuel
  • GPS units are available as an alternative to paper maps so you can travel by the most efficient route
  • biodegradable rubbish bags are provided
  • we supply re-useable shopping bags
  • environmentally friendly Bio-Pak waste treatment is used along with Earthcare toilet paper
  • our On the Road info packs list dump stations for waste disposal, and places where you can recycle and get rid of refuse
  • take short showers to conserve your water
  • use small amounts of water for flushing the toilet
  • refill your drinking water bottles
  • use the clothesline & pegs provided for air drying your clothes
  • bike racks are available for hire
  • we offer discounts if you supply your own bedding and linen
  • support local suppliers and activity operators, especially those that are committed to sustainability
  • purchase your own kauri tree to help offset your carbon footprint
  • recycle tourism brochures and return our manuals for re-use
  • take a coffee mug from your camper to buy a coffee in and reduce disposable cup use
  • purchase products with little or no packaging
  • find a great spot to stay and base yourself there, explore the area, soak up the awesome scenery and immerse yourself in the history and the people.

Driving Tips;

  • we suggest you travel with only a little water on board to reduce the load and your fuel consumption.  You can fill up when you arrive at the campground.  If you are freedom camping you will need to plan ahead and fill the tank before you arrive so you don’t exhaust any onsite supplies.
  • use the air conditioning only when needed as it adds to fuel consumption
  • drive smoothly; look ahead so you can adjust your speed early
  • watch your speed.  Don’t labour the engine, shift into higher gears early
  • use the air brakes to minimise wear and tear on the braking system
  • try to avoid traffic congestion.  Plan to keep out of the major city areas during peak travelling times
  • keeping tyre pressures correct avoids using unnecessary fuel


Carbon Credit Donations

We understand that the carbon footprint many of you make to reach us either here on the Coromandel Peninsula or to New Zealand is huge.  Kauri 2000

As a way to help offset the footprint of our business and the visitors that travel with us, we pledge to donate a kauri tree to Kauri 2000 for every 10 rentals taken. 

Kilo for kilo, Kauri absorb even more carbon equivalents from the atmosphere than pine trees.

Kauri 2000 is a long term project to recreate the significant stands of kauri on publicly owned land on the Coromandel Peninsula.  Kauri trees are available for purchase at $15 each and they are a great way to remember your holiday on the Coromandel. 

When you visit Coastal Campers again, you will be able to visit your tree,

now there’s a good reason to come back!


For ideas on how you can become more sustainable visit:



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